“it’s Embarrassing but I Understand It” – Chris Cuomo Breaks His Silence After Being Suspended by Cnn Indefinitely

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“it's Embarrassing but I Understand It'' - Chris Cuomo Breaks His Silence After Being Suspended by Cnn Indefinitely

Embattled CNN primetime host, Chris Cuomo has broken his silence after he was suspended indefinitely by the media company for providing support to his brother and former New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo amid sexual assault allegations.

Chris had admitted on air that he helped his brother as he battled the allegations, made by 12 women. Andrew, 63, resigned as governor of New York in August.

According to Chris, he is ’embarrassed’ after being suspended by the network.

Speaking publicly about his suspension for the first time on his SiriusXM radio show ‘Let’s Get After It, on Wednesday December 1, Cuomo said that he understands why people believe he violated journalism ethics.

‘Quick note about the obvious,’ Cuomo told his listeners at the top of the program. ‘I’ve been suspended from CNN.’

After asking his producer to ‘cut the music,’ he launched into a monologue addressing his professional woes.

‘You know this already. It hurts to even say it, it’s embarrassing, but I understand it and I understand why some people feel the way they do about what I did,’ he said at the top of the program.

‘I’ve apologized in the past and I mean it, it’s the last thing I ever wanted to do was compromise any of my colleagues and do anything but help.

‘I know they have a process that they think is important and I respect that process so I’m not going to talk about this anymore than that. So right now let’s get after it and there is plenty to do.’

Meanwhile, Fox News host, Tucker Carlson branded Chris Cuomo an illiterate ‘buffoon’ who couldn’t speak English after he was suspended by CNN but criticized the company for bowing to pressure.

Carlson, seemed excited about the demise of one of CNN’s biggest stars, he said;

‘Like most Americans, we never actually watched The Chris Cuomo Show – assuming that’s was its name,’ the 52-year-old said.

‘But we saw clips and it transfixed us.

‘How, we wondered, how could a man who could barely speak English wind up with a paying job on television?

‘Some kind of weird affirmative action program for the illiterate?

‘We never figured it out. It was remarkable to see it.

‘Sentence after badly mangled sentence, a bouillabaisse of incomprehensible grammar – we couldn’t understand any of it.

‘It was a kind of performance art: a communicator wholly unable to communicate.’

‘Chris Cuomo was a buffoon,’ Carlson said.

‘He was also, in the way that buffoons tend to be, incredibly self-righteous and false.’

Carlson called former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ‘loathsome’, but said Chris was right to defend him.

‘Your most basic obligation is to the people you are related to,’ said Carlson.

‘When they need your help – no matter who they are, even if you’re the governor of a state, even if they are horrible people – you help them anyway because it’s your family.

‘Chris Cuomo may be an idiot – and he is – but he understands that.

‘What a thing to be fired for.’

Before his suspension, Cuomo had been CNN’s most-watched anchor, according to the latest Nielsen Media Research data but he’s still far behind his competitors at Fox News, including Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity .

In November, Cuomo Prime Time’s ratings dropped to an average of 774,000 viewers and 170,000 in the key 25-54 age demographic.

While Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight was averaging 3.6million viewers during the same time period, and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show was pulling 1.9million viewers.

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