American Police Officers Randomly Stop People on the Road To Give Them $100 for Christmas in Video

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American Police Officers Randomly Stop People on the Road To Give Them $100 for Christmas in Video
The people were surprised by the act.
The officers surprised people with their gifts in the video.

An interesting video has shown some police officers going around to make Christmas very beautiful for people With a bodycam on, they gave $100 to each set of people they interacted with, telling them that it is a gift from Ocala Police Department.

Many beneficiaries of the policemen’s kindness were very surprised to get such money from officers on the road. Officers from the Ocala Police Department in Florida, US, have been spotted in a viral video playing Santa Claus.

In a clip shared by an Instagram user, an officer stopped a female motorist and said that he will be blessing her with $100 bill. When the woman heard it, she asked if he was serious.

After giving her the money, the woman who could not really believe what just happened screamed: “Thank you, Jesus!”
Another part of the video showed the moment a different officer stopped a motorist at night. He asked if the person had ever had good police encounters. Afterwards, he handed the person another $100.

They did this severally in the clip. At a moment, a policeman approached some women at a place that looked like a park. When he gave them the same amount, they initially thought he was joking.

While the police were busy spreading love a few days to Christmas, their bodycams captured everything.

Watch the video below:

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