(Photo) Marvel’s Thanos Creator Jim Starlin Says Trump Is ‘Worse’ Than Deadly Avengers Villain

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Marvel’s Thanos Creator Jim Starlin Says Trump Is ‘Worse’ Than Deadly Avengers Villain
Marvel’s Thanos Creator Jim Starlin Says Trump Is ‘Worse’ Than Deadly Avengers Villain

The Marvel writer who created Thanos has said that Trump is “worse” than the villain who literally wiped out half of the universe.

Marvel Comics writer Jim Starlin, who also created Guardians of the Galaxy characters Drax the Destroyer and Gamora, made the claim in a rant about the US president on Instagram.

“WORST THAN THANOS! [sic],” he wrote, before decrying Trump for “giving tacit sanction and moral support to this country’s racist fringe” during the George Floyd protests.

“[He has] done absolutely nothing useful to quiet the civil unrest presently rocking our country,” Starlin continued. ”The list goes on. You would have thought it couldn’t get any worse. Wrong!”

He called Trump “President Liar” and said that his actions “will do nothing but further inflame an already perilous situation, infuriating those rightly protesting against those horrendous police killings of men and women of colour and adding to those demonstrators’ numbers”.

Starlin continued: “So it’s come to the point where anyone with half a brain must ask themselves, can this country survive another seven months of this ego maniac in office? Will there still be a viable country for Joe Biden to govern come January? Must we stand idly by and helplessly watch as our once-vibrant democracy is reduced to less than a banana republic being torn apart by an extremely avoidable civil war?

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos kills half of humanity in the hope that society will be reborn. Also known as The Mad Titan, he is commonly thought to be Marvel’s most dangerous villain.

Last year, Trump’s campaign team depicted the president as the villain in a video that saw his face superimposed on top of Thanos’ body.

Starlin condemned the advert, but Marvel fans were quick to highlight that the scene Trump’s team used was the one in which the character is defeated by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr).

“Trump’s team is presenting him as a narcissistic child-abusing villain intent on wiping out half of all life, AND picked the moment right before Thanos was defeated,” one Twitter user wrote.

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